Fashion Week Thinks Its Too Good For Jersey Shore Kids

Our lady Snooki mentioned earlier this week that she’d be willing to be a celebrity guest at the upcoming Fashion Week in New York City.

And the fashion industry responded:

“They’re [bleeping] peasants.”

    — Fashion Industry veteran commenting on cast of Jersey Shore

Seriously, the fashionistas calling people out on their place in this world? An entire industry notorious for its shallow, egomaniacal artists exploiting a dangerously thin, heroin-chic, under-aged labor pool to convince consumers to starve themselves, and their wallets, all for the desperate allure of superficial appeal? That fashion industry?

Jersey Shore may represent a crass, crude, stereotype of Italian-Americans of the tri-state area, but it doesn’t represent phony.

When somebody on Jersey Shore gives one of their housemates a hard time, the victim cries, or sulks, or swears, or punches somebody.  They don’t jump out of windows.

“It’s a nightmare.  Nobody wants any of those kids anywhere near their brand.”

    — Fashion Industry publicist

I’d like to get Pauly D two minutes alone with Tim Gunn to discuss.

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