Jennifer Garner Discusses Erotic Dolphin Encounter On Letterman, On Porpoise (VIDEO)

And here we thought John Mayer was doing a little too much sharing this week. Jennifer Garner dropped in at Late Show With David Letterman last night to promote her star-packed new romantic comedy Valentine’s Day—and to recall an erotic encounter she once had with a dolphin.

Yes, really. You might want to send the kids out of the room, close the curtains, and throw on Barry White’s Greatest Hits for this… As Garner tells it, she had landed a role as a dolphin who turns into a woman on the ’90s revamp of Fantasy Island and, being the serious, serious actress she is, she felt the need to research the part. Which led to an interview with a dolphin trainer. Which led to this very special moment:

“I had my feet dangling in the water. And the dolphin came and swam right over my foot. I thought, ‘That was so cool!'”

Apparently the dolphin thought so too, and began pressing up against the Alias actress with increasing urgency:

“I thought this dolphin is really into me…and then the dolphin…does something. I said to the trainer, ‘I think the dolphin just peed.’ He said, ‘No, ma’am, no. He was just saying Mahalo.”

Well, at least the beast had the courtesy to thank her afterward. Check out Garner recounting her shocking case of animal attraction below:

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