John Travolta’s Hair FAIL (PHOTOS)

Please tell us this isn’t happening. Is John Travolta—whose lush mane enthralled a nation once upon a time on Welcome Back, Kotter—going bald?

Witness these photos of the Pulp Fiction actor at the French premiere of his new movie From Paris With Love on Wednesday. At first glance there appears to be nothing wrong with Travolta’s ‘do, especially for a 55-year-old man, but look closer, deep into the abyss that is his hairline, and a disturbing, telltale mesh pattern—which is often associated with the use of a weave—becomes evident.

We’re going to choose to believe that Travolta deliberately has his hair styled this way. Because if we accept the possibility that he’s actually going bald, then we’ll also have to ponder whether that also wasn’t Samuel L. Jackson’s real hair in Pulp Fiction. And that would make our universe collapse around us.

But feel free to draw your own conclusions by examining our photo gallery. This is pretty much the sort of thing that our ZOOM feature was invented for.