Lady GaGa Braves Freezing NYC Winter to Flaunt Bare Breasts (PHOTOS)

Apparently, neither rain nor heat nor the frigid temperatures of New York in February will prevent Lady Gaga from shocking the general public with her highly inappropriate wardrobe.

Despite blizzard conditions in NYC, the "Bad Romance" chanteuse made time to greet fans as she promoted MAC's Viva Glam Spring 2010 campaign at ABC Studios on Wednesday, bereft of a coat or gloves or any of those other things that us mere mortals wear when it's like 30 degrees and snowing outside.

But hey, she had her reasons—such as showing off her outfit, which highlighted her nipple with a big black "X" in much the manner of a pirate's treasure chest.

No one ever said glamour was easy. But let's reward GaGa's commitment anyway by clicking through the photo gallery.



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  • jimamily

    I have a good friend that always keeps up with the newest fashions. I love to go and see her and see the new things she has gotten. Winter Coat

  • purple roses
    purple roses

    WOW....If you took away the hat and glasses and didnt look at the fact that the dress is sort of a bit too big and a bit see through then this outfit actually looks normal and not over the top and girlie...

  • natalia

    she is so weird!!!! in all the ways

  • the fabulous
    the fabulous

    Her boob looks scary and lumpy...

  • CHiiZii3


  • royalrub8erduck

    U guys shld zoom in to take a look of her rose tattoo at the lower back. It's stunning!!!

  • Stanka Saskyova
    Stanka Saskyova

    and some freakin bra :D

  • rah

    THIS is why she cancels concerts...Gaga doesn't wear her winter coat!

  • Topher J Muise
    Topher J Muise

    LOVES HER :)

  • Christine Blainey Zelle
    Christine Blainey Zelle

    Oh My God. Girl, put on some freakin pants!