Whitney Port Shares Valentines Day Date Memories

Before she was mega-famous, Whitney Port was just a normal Brentwood, California native who was looking for love. And like all of us, she went through some awkward dates, some good dates, and some ones she’ll never forget (also, if you haven’t heard, we’re giving away a date with Whitney and tickets to the upcoming comedy She’s Out of My League! To find out more, click here!)

To get in the Valentines Day spirit, the reality star/fashion designer shared one of her favorite V-day moments on her blog:

My very first date with my last boyfriend just happened to take place on Valentine’s Day and he found out my favorite food, favorite candy and favorite music and then showered me with all of them. We went to a steakhouse, he brought me about a pound of chocolate covered gummy bears and bought me a Beatles Compilation CD. A little much for a first date but I tried not to get irked and looked at it as sweet instead of overwhelming.

Anyway, I have a vivid image of going out afterward and watching him try to jump over a parking meter. After seeing he was able to do this, my competitive side came out full force and I just had to try it. Why I thought this would be acceptable to do in a dress and boots is beyond me. However, next thing you know I’m flat on my face after a failed attempt at hurdling the meter. Olympics, here I don’t come!

So the moral of the story is, I try to be as fun of a date as possible and it’s ok if I embarrass myself.

That Whitney Port….what a wild, wild woman.