Can Coco’s Giant Rear End Really Help Save Haiti? (PHOTO)

Plenty of celebrities have pitched in following Haiti’s devastating earthquake last month. But until now, no one celebrity with the massive star power to single-handedly cure all of Haiti’s ills has come forward.

Luckily that’s all changed, now that Nicole “Coco” Austin has stepped into the fray to take care of business. Ice-T’s always-entertaining wife tweeted her genius plan to save Haiti this week, imploring her legions of followers to buy “Haiti We Go Hard” shirts, the likes of which she is modeling in the photo above. Coco’s plea for help included the following inspirational message:

“Get this shirt & lets start a Haiti movement! #Teamcoco WE GO HARD!WE DON’T PLAY!”

“But if her intention is help Haiti, why would Coco choose a photo that also highlights her gargantuan buttocks,” you ask? “Doesn’t that threaten to draw attention away from the cause?”

That’s what we thought too, until we realized that it’s just Coco’s subtle-but-effective way of reminding us that big problems call for big solutions. Well played, Mrs. Ice-T!

Move over, Angelina; we think we’ve found the United Nations’ next celebrity ambassador.

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