Lindsay Lohan Blows Off $150,000 Gig, Instead Goes Shopping

No need to worry about Lindsay Lohan, y’all; she totally has her priorities in order! The part-time actress, full-time train wreck missed her date to accompany 77-year-old billionaire Richard Lugner to the prestigious Vienna opera ball on Thursday, which would have netted the struggling LiLo $150,000. But don’t worry, she has an ironclad excuse—she was too busy shopping.

According to reports, Lohan got caught up shopping at the duty-free shops at Los Angeles International Airport and, while the plane graciously waited two hours for her,  LiLo was promptly ushered off upon boarding—because she couldn’t afford the late-boarding charge. As Lugner later told the press,

“She wanted to pay it, but her card’s credit limit was not high enough.”

Gee, hard to imagine why she didn’t have enough credit to pay the fee. The mystery boggles the mind…

But can anybody really blame Lindsay for wanting to pick up a few things? After all, it’s not like her home is packed to the rafters with crap already, right? Oh wait, it totally is.

Of course, the most perplexing element of the story is, why would anybody pay $150,000 to go on a date with Lindsay Lohan in the first place? Rich people are strange…