Spencer Pratt’s Unsolicited Crisis PR Advice For John Mayer

From dishing out impossibly insane nutritional advice (“Take your body weight & drink half that number in litres of Water a day!”) to taking pictures from inside his hyperbaeric oxygen chamber, it’s pretty clear that noted scholar and Twitterati, Spencer Pratt, has gone quite mad.

Nevertheless, no matter his level of insanity, there’s one thing you can always count on from Spencer Pratt: solid life advice.

So, when Spencer announced today that he had drafted a Tweet intended to enlighten a troubled John Mayer, we were jazzed to share, for just one moment, in the bounty and light that is Spencer’s brain-like thing.

But, he deleted it.  Never to be gifted to the world.

Thankfully, despite the gift of infinite wisdom, Spencer is obviously unaware of the trace remnants left behind from deleted Twitter posts, even if deleted before posted.  Through painstaking hours of digital recovery, we’ve been able to bring Spencer’s message to John Mayer back to life, for the benefit of all mankind:



Bless you, Spencer Pratt.