Alec Baldwin Unleashes His Fury on a Rude, Thoughtless Little Photographer

Goodness, Alec Baldwin had a busy day on Thursday! Not only was he hospitalized over what his publicist is characterizing as a “misunderstanding,” but according to reports he also roughed up a photographer outside of his New York home.

The alleged incident occurred at around 5:30 last night, as Baldwin arrived home after shooting 30 Rock. Baldwin discovered a pack of photogs camped out at his building, which apparently didn’t please him too much, especially when one of the paps, New York Post lensman Tim Wiencis, tapped him on the arm. So Baldwin flipped out, grabbing Wiencis by the collar and screaming, “This guy! This guy!” as cops rushed to pull the actor off of the photographer. Police quickly ushered Baldwin into the lobby of his building, where he reportedly paced around while muttering, “They are the lowest scum of the Earth. They are the lowest scum of the Earth.”

To be fair, Baldwin might have been a little cranky after the long day he’d had, which began at 12:55 a.m. when police, responding to a 911 call from his 14-year-old daughter Ireland, rushed the actor to Lenox Hill Hospital. Ireland reportedly told the 911 operator that her pops had claimed he was “going to take some pills. I’m going to end this.” Baldwin told police that he had merely taken an Ambien and had “no intention” of committing suicide, and was discharged from the hospital after doctors determined that he wasn’t a danger to himself.

Baldwin also told police that he had been arguing with Ireland on the phone, and speculated that his ex-wife, Kim Basinger—with whom he’s had a notoriously bitter relationship since their 2002 divorce—had put Ireland up to placing the 911 call.

The 51-year-old actor is scheduled to host the Oscars on March 7. Assuming he doesn’t completely flip out and gnaw someone’s face off in the meantime.