Breaking Dawn To Give Taylor Lautner’s Abs The Full 3D Treatment They Deserve

Some naysayers have complained that The Twilight Saga lacks a certain depth, but Summit Entertainment may be looking to change all of that. 

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Summit is seriously considering filming Breaking Dawn, the final film (or is that final two films?) in the suddenly-popular-again 3D technology, in an effort to wring even more cash from the hugely successful vampire franchise. Which means that, yes, Robert Pattinson’s seductive gaze and Taylor Lautner’s rippling abs might be thrusting themselves into moviegoers’ consciousness even more forcefully than they already have been.

Sounds like a dream scenario to us, but apparently many Twi-hards are already swamping Summit with protests over the 3D option, and it still remains to be seen whether Twilight authoress Stephenie Meyer, who retains a substantial amount of creative control over the movies, would sign off on the format change.

Summit might also consider the financial liability involved. Because if Renesme’s birth scene is presented in 3D, there’s no telling how many cases of whiplash will result from moviegoers violently turning their heads away from the screen.

While the studio struggles with this conundrum, share your thoughts in the comments section: Would you prefer to see Breaking Dawn in 3D, or…not 3D?