Jimmy Fallon's R-Pattz Is Bothered By Valentine's Day (VIDEO)

Jimmy Fallon's R-Pattz Is Bothered By Valentine's Day (VIDEO)-photo

It's been quite a while since Jimmy Fallon busted out one of his hilarious Robert Pattinson "Bothered" segments, but he's finally back! And he's really, really, really ticked off about Valentines Day.

See what he has to say about hearts, flowers, and those darn cupid & arrows below. Hint: he's quite bothered.

He does make some pretty legit points, but was it funny or not? Leave it in the comments!



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  • beccacullen

    that was quite funny xxx

  • jenluvzrob

    lmfao love jimmiy fallon but i lovee rob more

  • chris

    I hope something interesting is done for when Rob actually shows up.

  • roeschs3

    its always hilarious! and come on people, Rob cant take himself seriously in that movie....for reals. I'm sure he can laugh at himself sometimes.


    i really want to see if Jimmy will do this when Rob'll be on his program

  • unsure

    He does make some good points.