Madonna Wants to Help Malawi by Evicting 200 of Its Residents

Apparently, Madonna’s not a big believer in the whole “It takes a village to raise a child” thing. The Material Mom is moving forward with her plan to build a $15 million school for girls in the Malawian village of Blantyre—and causing mass outrage by displacing hundreds of local villagers to make room for the project. But hey, she’s not leaving them entirely high and dry: She did kick down a grand total of $115,000 to help compensate them for their homes.

In a meeting with the soon-to-be-ousted Malawians on Thursday, Lilongwe District Commissioner Charles Kalemba told the approximately 200 villagers to vamoose, declaring, 

“Government allowed you to occupy this land because there was no project yet. But now that Madonna wants to build you a school you have to give way. You are lucky that Madonna has compensated you for your houses, gardens and trees.”

Predictably, many of the displaced locals aren’t feeling the gratitude. Amos Mkuyu, whose family has occupied the plot he lives on for three generations, grouses that the $1,500 he received isn’t adequate compensation for his seven acres, house and mango trees. And while Mkuyu says that he’s not the only one “there is nothing much we can do because government is using threats.”

Way to bolster that public image, Madonna. Of course, she could solve the whole problem by adopting the whole lot of them and moving them to her New York apartment, except then she’d have to figure out where to move Jesus Luz’s cradle.

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