Taylor Lautner’s Abs Got a Studio Bidding War for Their Birthday

What better way to enter the world of adulthood, than to have all of Hollywood at your fingertips?

Taylor Lautner, who officially became a guilt-free lust object yesterday by turning 18, isn’t just drawing the feverish attention of women  everywhere—he also has a handful of Hollywood studios sniffing around for a piece of him.

According to Deadline Hollywood, T-Laut’s attached to a project called Abduction, and multiple studios are clamoring for the rights to the script, which officially went up for grabs yesterday morning. The film, which is being described as a Bourne-type affair for the teen set, would cast Lautner as a teenager who’s long felt disconnected from his parents. When he discovers the reason for the disconnect, a chain of violent events is unleashed, leading to a white-knuckle adventure that we can only assume will be concluded via numerous shirtless scenes for Taylor. 

Lautner’s going to be a very busy slab of beefcake in the coming months; in addition to this latest project, The Abby One has also scored starring roles in the upcoming Stretch Armstrong, based on the classic children’s toy, the Max Steel film adaptation, and the thriller Northern Lights, co-starring Tom Cruise. Which pretty much guarantees an Ab-a-palooza for Lautner fans over the next couple of years.

Hopefully Taylor didn’t party down too much yesterday; the guy’s obviously going to be needing his rest.

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