Heidi Montag Posing For ‘Playboy’ Again, Promises To Do It Right This Time

Get ready to see a whole lot more of the real Heidi Montag. Well, what’s passing for the real Heidi Montag these days, anyway.

Now that she’s completely unrecognizable thanks to the marathon efforts of an overzealous plastic surgeon, the Hills villainess figures it’s time or an encore appearance in Playboy. Montag’s maiden pictorial in Hugh Hefner’s once-respectable skin mag occurred in its September 2009 issue. And while the semi-clothed nature of her photo-spread raised more skepticism than interest, now that she’s all new and improved and stuff she wants to go all-in with a fully nude shoot. Um, yay?

“I am doing Playboy again… soon, very soon,” the radically reconstructed reality-TV sensation tells Radar Online. “I cannot wait to show off my new assets, I am very excited.”

Then she added*,

“No, really, I am totally excited. Don’t let my indifferent expression fool you, it’s just that my features have been frozen into a corpse-like mask from all of the procedures I’ve had done. But trust me, I’m smiling inside.”

Will you check out Heidi’s next Playboy shoot, even if it’s just out of morbid curiousity? Let us know in the comments section!

*Not really. We’re pretty sure.