Kate Gosselin Hits Below the Belt, Calls Jon “Stubby”

Whatever it was that Kate Gosselin saw in her ex-husband Jon when they first got together, it apparently wasn’t his physical endowment.

According to Us Magazine, the famously tart-tongued former Jon & Kate Plus 8 mom continually ridiculed Papa Jon over his report shortcomings in the genitalia department throughout their 10-year union, joking about his mini-junk to friends and family, and mockingly calling him “Stubby” to his face.

Ouch! And to make things worse, this revelation comes just days after Gosselin’s other ex, Hailey Glassman, characterized his manhood as “tiny, tiny, tiny” in the pages of Steppin’ Out magazine, likening his rig to that of “a nine-year-old boy.”

In Jon’s defense, he did manage to sire eight kids, which is pretty solid output for equipment that’s supposedly so inadequate. And to be fair, this could all be a matter of perspective; maybe Jon’s unit only seemed small to Kate and Hailey, in comparison to their big mouths.

Photo Source: Getty Images/INFDaily