Adam Lambert Stops His Entire Concert So Jerk Can Finish His Cellphone Call (VIDEO)

Adam Lambert Stops His Entire Concert So Jerk Can Finish His Cellphone Call (VIDEO)-photo

Adam Lambert clearly doesn't believe in phoning it in when he hits the stage. And he kindly requests that his audience refrains from doing the same.

The American Idol fave was recently wowing the crowd with a heartfelt rendition of his single "Whataya Want From Me" when he encountered the scourge of any stage artist: An audience member who thought it was more important to take a call than to take in the glory that is Adam Lambert live.

But Adam Lambert plays second fiddle to no one, especially when that no one isn't even in the same room as him, so he did what any self-respecting singing sensation would do: He halted his performance mid-song and called out the thoughtless clod.

Check out the video below, to see Adam taking control of the situation and to get a small taste of what it's like to incur the Awesome Wrath of Lambo: 

Reasonable request for common courtesy, or a sign that Lambert is finally ready to snap from the stress of his own fame? Share your thoughts in the comments section.



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  • IDK

    Ya know what those people paid for that ticket they can do watav so Adam Lambert is stupid for doing that like it was really bothering him.!

  • Bridget

    Actually,Adam was doing the rest of the audience, who wanted to hear him sing, a favor. And he might have done her one, too, because I think there are not a few fans who would've told her the same thing, not as nicely. The performance he gave, an acoustic version of "What Do You Want From Me" was simply beautful and excellent. It was not the time of place to be talking on the phone.

  • Joe

    Yeah, the girl was wrong and shouldn't have been on the phone. But Adam Lambert was the jerk. He could have handled it in a few different ways all without embarrassing his fan, but he didn't. 2 years ago Adam Lambert was performing at malls with hundreds of people on cell phones and he was loving it. Now he thinks he's the greatest thing since sliced bread. Since he's a B list celebrity at best, who cares.

  • mediawatch

    You got the jerk part right. It was NOT a concert. It was a free quiet intimate ACOUSTIC show being TAPED FOR I HEART RADIO AND Z100. z100 has been playing the acoustic RE-TAKE after her, all day yesterday and today. Security escorted her OUT. The previous show at VH! on Saturday told the audience if they dared use any cell r camera they'd be booted out

  • gothichick

    go adam i would have done the same thing, that was so cute how he delt with it. gotta love adam

  • Sas

    If the person needed to call for a ride home or had an emergency call, I'm sure she could have stepped out of the room. No excuse for bad manners. Adam did the right thing.

  • Suzy

    Adam was absolutley correct in what he did. She was rude and disrespectful. If she was calling someone to have them listen to Adam she should have dialed and just kept quiet and there would not have been a problem. I personally am sick and tired of rude cell phone users who think they are more important than others around them and force us to listen to their inane conversations. Adam was recording an acoustical version of WWFM for broadcast and she should have been more thoughtful and respectful. Bet she won't do that again!!!! Adam's acoustical songs really snowcased his gorgeous voice and I felt blessed to have heard him in person.

  • NK

    Rude Adam Lambert fan? No? Maybe this person was just calling for a bus or a taxi, because they had to get home

  • valerie

    The article forgets to mention that it was a very small and intimate venue, not a large concert. Moreover this was an acoustic version of the song, not a full blast rock rendition. Anyone talking, let alone on a cell phone, would have disturbed most of or all the audience and the musicians/singer.

  • Kerry

    Adam did the right thing. His performance was being recorded. No one wants to hear a rude person's conversation. Adam is a take control artist who always wants to do a great job according to those who work with him. One of the reason women like him is because he is an alpha male even in guyliner.

  • Angel

    I'm glad her called her out, that was simply rude behavior. What an obtuse clod she was.

  • Angel

    I'm glad her called her out, that was simply rude behavior. What an obtuse clod she was.

  • Michelle

    Good for him, I cannot BELIEVE the gall of that girl. Front row during an acoustic concert and you're on the phone? Everyone could hear her. I also hear she was kicked out for being rude. Dumb bitch.

  • roua

    As a person who has suffered through students blabbing on cells through a concert, audience members blabbing on cells through a film, and one loud whisperer at a classical concert where the pianist was playing Chopin I say go Adam. People have to learn common courtesy.