Avril Lavigne and Brody Jenner Are a Couple, in Today’s Totally Believable Gossip Item

She’s a Canadian warbler recently split from her spiky-coiffed hubby. He’s a reality-TV heartthrob whose chin stubble is the envy of men throughout the world. Can these two kids find love in this crazy, mixed-up world?

If today’s Totally Believable Gossip Item is true, then it is so.

According to reports, “Sk8er Boi” songbird Avril Lavigne—who ended her marriage to Sum 41 dude Deryck Whibley late last year—and Hills hunk Brody Jenner—whose last known companion was Playboy Playmate Jayde Nicole—are totally getting it on. But it’s totally a secret, so don’t tell anybody, okay? According to a source:

“They’re hooking up, but they’re keeping it low-key.”

Witnesses report spotting the pair at West Hollywood hotspot Koi on February 4, before they made their way—in the same car, people!—to Voyeur nightclub, where they were also spotted last Thursday. Says another source,

“You can tell they’re into each other and both like to have a good time. They’re cute together.”

Of course, other recent reports also indicate that Avril is moving in with Brandon Davis, and dating Wilmer Valderrama, so things could get complicated. And perhaps very sexy.

What do you think: Are Avril and Brody an item? Will it last? Will they eventually have an army of beautiful babies together? Share your theories in the comments section!