Lady GaGa's 'Telephone' Video Stills: Insanity Is Served!

Lady GaGa's 'Telephone' Video Stills: Insanity Is Served!-photo

Don't be alarmed, people; it's just Lady GaGa, with a telephone wrapped around her head while wearing a chef's hat and carrying a bunch of plates. No biggie.

A handful of stills from GaGa's upcoming video masterpiece "Telephone" have been released, to the bafflement and delight of the world at large. Judging from the images, the Pantless One also sports a hippie-chick look in the video, which co-stars Beyonce and revolves around a prison-break plot.

Anyone else smell an epic in the works?



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  • Le Donkey Sex
    Le Donkey Sex

    I like NotVyc :) Can't wait for this f*cking video! I've be going nuts for it for about a month now, but I've kinda entered into a state of Zen-like calm about it, because it's coming out on Tuesday(?) I can nearly taste it. It tastes like syrup.

  • NotVyc

    I smell an ***hole named Vyc who hates anything popular.

  • Vyc

    I smell another bad video that people will say it's awesome just to look cool.