Looks Like Mischa Barton Is Doobing and Driving (PHOTOS)

Oh, hey, look everybody, it’s Mischa Barton, sitting behind the wheel of her car and puffing on what appears to be a hand-rolled cigarette of some sort! Nothing to see here!

After all, it’s not like Mischa would be foolhardy enough to get caught toking up after getting busted for DUI and pot possession in December 2007. Especially since her very public stay in the looney bin last year has the whole world watching and waiting to see what her next meltown will be.

And she certainly wouldn’t engage in such illegal behavior in broad daylight. In a convertible. In Los Angeles, where there are only about a million paparazzi swarming around, looking for the next celebrity scandal.

To do something that stupid, she’d have to be on some pretty heavy-duty dru—Oooooooh

Maybe it’s medicinal? It’s probably best to take a look through the photo gallery before rushing to any judgments.