Southwest Airlines “No Fly Fatty” List Revealed in This Week’s Cheap Shot

Welcome to the Celebuzz Cheap Shot of the Week – Wherein Celebuzz takes the most obvious setup in the world and pulls a cheap shot.  Please avert your eyes if your sensitive to such nonsense. Here we go…

Despite a series of apologies from Southwest Airlines, film director Kevin Smith remains outraged over his recent ouster from a Southwest Airlines flight as a result of his extra large body size.  While Southwest claims to have no specific policy banning the XXLs, Celebuzz has learned that the “Symbol of Freedom” airline actually has a fairly extensive list of celebrity passengers that are virtually banned from being seated on their airline.

We’ve culled a few samples from SWA’s No Fatty Fly List:

Kirstie No Fly

Totally unfair! 


Outrageous!  There must be some mistake.


Not Princess Chunk, the world’s fattest cat!

KFed Banned

K-Fed?  Okay, this one kind of makes sense.