Zac Efron Caps Off a Day of Surfing By Making Out With Vanessa Hudgens (PHOTOS)

To paraphrase the great Jeff Spicoli, all Zac Efron needs is some tasty waves, a little tongue action from his girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens, and he’s fine. Of course, when isn’t Zac Efron fine?

The former High School Musical hunk continued his Most Excellent Australian Adventure on Tuesday at Bondi Beach, looking hot for a good cause while participating in Oakley’s Learn to Ride charity event.

And because surfing and loving pretty much go hand-in-hand, Zefron concluded his busy day by engaging in a hot-and-heavy spit-swapping session with his girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens.

What is it with these two and exotic locations? Travel really seems to bring out the bawdiness in them.

Let’s revel in the glory of Zac’s action-packed day by clicking through the photo gallery, shall we? He’d be disappointed if we didn’t.

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