Gary Coleman Tells Everyone What They Can Go Do To Themselves (VIDEO)

Gary Coleman sure packs a lot of rage into that tiny frame of his. The former Diff’rent Strokes actor, who was arrested on domestic-abuse charges in Utah last month, appeared in front of a panel on The Insider on Wednesday to address whether he does, in fact, have an abusive relationship with his wife Shannon Price.

Let’s just say that his response didn’t do much to dispel the notion that he’s a hot-head who’s prone to violent outbursts. Coleman went off on guest panelist Lisa Bloom, telling her, “You can go f*ck” yourself!” Then he growled, “F*ck all of you!” to the rest of the panel and stormed off the set. Check out the angry goodness in the video below:

Wow; we’d be pretty scared of this guy, if we weren’t reasonably certain that he’s being manipulated by a puppeteer who has his hand stuck in Gary’s back.

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