Jon Gosselin Settles Lawsuit With TLC, Freeing Him Up to Find Whole New Ways to Horrify Us All

The long national nightmare is finally over! Former Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad Jon Gosselin has reached an agreement with his former network TLC, which virtually assures that we’ll be seeing a lot more of Big Daddy J-Goss on TV in the near future.

TLC was suing Gosselin for breach of contract, claiming that the reality-TV dad’s numerous media appearances he’d been making since getting bounced from the show were in violation of their agreement with him. Gosselin retaliated by filing his own $5 million suit against the channel, claiming that  TLC was in violation of child-labor laws and, perhaps more importantly, that they were preventing him from making a living by forbidding him to push his mug into various media outlets.

But now that nastiness is over, according to a joint statement released by the former court foes:

“TLC has reached a settlement with Jon Gosselin and will be undertaking procedural steps to conclude the litigation. All terms of the settlement are confidential. The whole Gosselin family remain under contract with TLC.”

Don’t you just love a happy ending? Especially one that will allow us to gaze upon the wonder that is Jon Gosselin with more frequency?

The only bummer is that we were really hoping this case would end up on Judge Judy. Why not? Every other moment of this sordid saga has found its way onto TV in one way or another.