Sounds Like Snooki’s Writing a Book. Are You Listening, Pulitzer Committee?

Snooki has proven to be a woman of many talents since she first burrowed her way into America’s hearts late last year. Fist absorber. Dancer. Goodwill ambassador.

And now, authoress?

Jersey Shore’s breakout guidette—real name: Nicole Polizzi—has taken one more step toward absolute media domination by filing an application for her nom de GTL with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Which is nice and all, but here’s the really intriguing thing: The application notes that she plans to use the trademark for “printed matter, namely books.”

That’s right; Snooki is preparing to bring her literary genius to a bookstore near you. Hallelujah, a new voice has emerged to fill the void left by Kurt Vonnegut’s passing!

What do you think Snooki will write? Autobiography? Diet book? Spy thriller? Science fiction? Romance novels? Fist-Pumping for Dummies? Share your predictions in the comments section!