Adam Lambert Thinks He's So Slick in His Latest Photo-Shoot

Adam Lambert Thinks He's So Slick in His Latest Photo-Shoot-photo

Now here's a new look for Adam Lambert.

Photographer Mike Ruiz has tweeted a couple of pics from a photo-shoot he did with the American Idol fave this week, featuring Lambert "serving some Old Hollywood."

Which reminds us, we're almost out of Brylcreem. 

Are you digging Adam's slick new look? Share your thoughts in the comments section.



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  • Karen

    Holy s%&^, Adam looks incredible!

  • sheba

    BEUTIFUL. Adam is a walking oiece of art. LOVE IT!!!

  • Iva Johnson
    Iva Johnson

    I love genius photographers, Mike's work is always so brilliant and weird. Even his outtakes and candids look professional. He is fantastic. And, what he said about Lambert "Adam Lambert is one of the coolest people I've worked with in a long time. Hysterical sense of humor!" was right on, that boy is magic in person.

  • Lea

    So Errol Flynn and Old Hollywood! Stunning.

  • romeo

    Brylcreem omg that's so funny. LMAO HAHAHAH. I can't stop rolling on the floor. heeee heeeee...Wow how does someone get so SMART and clever and witty. OMG I wish I could be like this blogger. Sigh. I guess I'll always just be a useless dumb ass. After all, no way could I have thought of making a crack on a hair product. Im so ashamed. And OMG being able to make one of them ther whachamacallits in the title" so slick". WOW omg I am so impressed with this Tim Kenneally guy. And this Mike guy? Must be such a loser. He really should try and get a more respectable job like a trash blogger.

  • gothichick

    wow that doesn't even look like adam, damn, cant wait to see the rest of his photoshooot