Lady GaGa Condoms, For When Your Junk Just Has To Look Insane

Not that you really need another reason to think of Lady GaGa when you’re getting busy with that special someone, but here’s one anyway: The Pantless One is now collaborating on a line of condoms.

The “Bad Romance” singer is promoting a line of prophylactics created by fashion designer Jeremy Scott in an effort to keep your carnal liaisons safe and, just as importantly, fashionable. The condoms, available through the Proper Attire condom company, will be available in electric-orange, green and pink animal prints (because what could be sexier?), and will come in studded, ribbed and sheer varieties. Samples of the new condoms were included in the goodie bag for Scott’s Fall 2010 show at Fashion Week in New York, and proceeds from sales will benefit Planned Parenthood.

In a press release announcing the collaboration, GaGa noted,

“It’s not complicated, just a fashion statement. Everybody wrap it up with Jeremy Scott for Proper Attire condoms.” 

We can only hope that other celebrities get in  on the contraceptive-endorsement bandwagon sometime soon. We look forward to drug-store shelves being stocked with Kate Gosselin birth-control pills, Robert Pattinson brand spermicide with sparkle action, and Mickey Rourke masks—to prevent you from ever getting aroused in the first place so you don’t have to worry about catching an STD or getting pregnant.

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