Ashley Olsen Is So Over This Whole Standing Up Thing (PHOTOS)

Ashley Olsen Is So Over This Whole Standing Up Thing (PHOTOS)-photo

Apparently, Ashley Olsen doesn't just stand for anyone. Not even at her good friend Tommy Hilfiger's 2010 Fashion Show at Bryant Park, which took place last night. And, by the sound of it, she didn't like her seat buddy much either!

According to NY Mag, Ash and Gossip Girl stud Penn Badgley didn't exchange words, let alone look at each other throughout the entire show, even though they were sitting right next to each other. Perhaps he was turned off by her mom-Khakis and holier than thou attitude? Or maybe he just wasn't a fan of New York Minute? Either way, it was super awkward.

See the pictures for yourself in our gallery! What do you think was up with Ashley? 



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  • Erin

    if they don't know eachother why would they have a conversation? just because they're both actors doesn't mean they should be BFFs

  • kissme

    Wow, not only is he looking at her, in the next picture you have she is trying to stand up. It seems to me that you all get pics and write stories just from looking at the picture. Do you even know anyone who was there or did these pics just fall into your lap 2mins before you wrote this trash?


    Well he's clearly looking at her in the pic.