Audrina Patridge’s Stalker Arrested for Paying Her a House Call

You don’t make it as a stalker without displaying some tenacity, and unfortunately Zachory Loring has that in spades.

TMZ reports that Loring—who was slapped with a restraining order back in September for stalking Hills brunette Audrina Patridge—was arrested outside of Patridge’s Los Angeles home on Friday, after allegedly pounding on the door and ringing the doorbell. Patridge was reportedly home at the time of the incident. Responding to a 911 call originating from Patridge’s residence, police took him into custody and subsequently booked him on charges of stalking and violating the restraining order. 

While seeking the restraining order last year, Patridge testified that Loring had engaged in a harassment campaign against her, showing up at her house on several occasions. Patridge also told the court that Loring had given her a picture of a woman being hanged, as well as a creepy poem entitled “Damzel” [sic]. The judge in the case characterized the evidence as “quite disturbing” before granting the restraining order.

Memo to Loring: That whole “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” thing probably doesn’t apply in your case.