Ten Signs You Might Be A Rocker Chick

Goth girl. Pop superfan. Country lady: You can all take a seat, for no one has yet invented a more indomitable hardcore-ess than the Rocker Chick. The epitome of the groupie/diehard music lover, the Rocker Chick takes all other music fans, chews them up, and spits them out, literally, spits them out.

Not sure if you’re a real Rocker Chick or just a poser? 

Ten Signs You Just Might Be A Rocker Chick

1.  You own four lighters, but you don’t even smoke.

2.  Own more than a dozen concert T’s (or black leather vests)?


3.  You go into full labor during a mega rock concert…and you stay!

Here’s to you, Samantha Williamson, hardcore rocker chick.

4.  You’ve had a four hour debate on whether Ratt is a legit rock band.


Short answer: No.

5.  You’ve lied to your parents about which band you were going to see in concert.

6.  You get misty when you hear a rock ballad.  (Bonus points if you shed a tear for Randy Rhoads.)

(keep your eyes peeled for little Jack and Kelly in this video)

7.  Your preferred name is the first syllable of your real name, one syllable max!

8.  Two words: animal prints


9. Your order of band dating preference — Drummer, Lead Guitar, Singer, Bass

10.  You can describe the tats on Tommy Lee’s body from memory

Tommy Lee