Joe Jonas and Pixie Lott Are an Item, in Today’s Totally Believable Celeb-Hookup Gossip Item

Are Joe Jonas and British singer Pixie Lott making beautiful music together in more ways than one? If British tabloid The Sun—which is world-renowned for its commitment to accuracy and not-at-all-sensationalistic approach to celebrity news—is to be believed, it is so.

The Prettiest JoBro and the “Boys and Girls” singer recently collaborated on a song together as Lott prepares to duplicate her British success in America, but to hear the Sun’s sources tell it, Jonas has plans to lay down more than tracks with her, and is now in dogged romantic pursuit of the Turn it Up blonde:

“Joe has been relentless in his pursuit of Pixie. They have known each other a while. But she was visiting LA last week and he made sure he saw her every day…There were five nights on the trot where they ended up hanging out and going out together…He has become obsessed by her. Pixie is feeling a little more guarded but there is a romance gently bubbling away.”

And though Lott has since returned to her homeland, rest assured, Joe isn’t letting a little thing like a few thousand miles’ worth of distance get in the way of his next conquest:

“Since she got back to the UK they have been texting and calling.”

Of course, it could just be two musical collaborators innocently staying in contact, but that’s not nearly as interesting, is it?

Readers, we’re leaving it up to you: Does this story have the whiff of truth, or is that the scent of BS you’re detecting? Render your verdict in the comments section!