‘Family Ties’ Actor Brian Bonsall Retains His Cultural Relevance With Second Arrest Since December

Oh, Andy Keaton, looks like you’ve gotten yourself into trouble once again!

Former child actor Brian Bonsall—who played the youngest member of the Keaton clan on the ’80s sitcom Family Ties—was arrested in Boulder, Colorado, on Friday on charges of marijuana use, in violation of his release involving an earlier case.

Bonsall, 28, was arrested in December for allegedly hitting a friend over he head repeatedly with a broken stool. He pleaded not guilty to those charges on Friday, and also pleaded not guilty of missing a 2007 court hearing involving yet another assault case. (Aren’t potheads usually peaceful types?)

With regard to the latest charge, Bonsall’s lawyer claimed that his client needs marijuana to alleviate his headaches, and had applied for a medical-marijuana card from Colorado.

Bonsall’s rap sheet also includes a 2001 DUI conviction, and a 2004 arrest for suspicion of drunk driving.

Maybe he could cut back on the headaches by not getting entangled in the legal system so often?