Grading the Jonas Brothers as Athletes: Who Can Play Ball?

Grading the Jonas Brothers as Athletes: Who Can Play Ball?-photo

While the debate rages on in the music world over the quality of Jonas Brothers music, and over the musical ability of the individual Jonas boys themselves, we couldn't help but notice a difference in the athletic talents of each of the three singing brothers.

After careful examination from a team of leading sports analysts, a music industry writer who knows nothing about sports, and the lady who sells overpriced muffins in the lobby, we've created a ranking of the Jonas Brothers based on their athletic abilities, from first to worst:

Nick Jonas Sports

Some would argue that little brother Nick has the strongest musical chops; we are definitely arguing that Nick is the best of the three athletically.  Just look at that concentration and approach to driving the golf ball, especially when girl"friend" Selena Gomez stands just feet away.  Nick also appears to be the only brother capable of deftly throwing or catching a football.  Seems the talent pool in the family may run downhill.

Grade: A-, nobody's perfect, not even Nick Jonas.



While middle-brother Joe ponders the opportunity for branching out with his own solo career, not to mention coupling up with Pixie Lott, he also shows that he can handle a round ball.  See how he keeps his head up while dribbling the ball, lines up his shot, and follows through with the skill of a shooter.  The only noteworthy deficiency is the hipster boots.  Whoa there cowboy, who wears boots to play basketball?

Grade:  B, because we've also seen this.


Kevin Jonas Sports

We definitely know one thing Kevin has experienced that his younger brothers have not, but it's certainly not athletic training.  We searched and searched but were unable to find any evidence that oldest brother, Kevin, has any sports skills whatsoever.  See here how little brother Nick gives Kevin some pointers on how to catch a football, how Kevin blows off the advice with the universal sign of "I got it -- no problem", then flubs the ball right toward his grill.  Epic fail.

Grade:  D-, despite the failure we believe in second chances.

If you were picking a sports team, who goes first among the J-Brothers?



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  • Justine

    immediately when i saw the title of this article i knew it wasn't going to be fair and it would be completely bias towards kevin. for the record kev is a great athlete. he and nick often rival each other for the best athlete title.

  • Jane

    all the brothers are athletic and musically talented. it annoys me so much how people discount kevin and joe's musically talent. i admit that nick's passion for music maybe more intense and that's what motivates him, but that doesn't mean that kevin and joe don't have talent. they don't showcase all their skills on stage but they have just as much talent!

  • MP

    seriously this article is a bit ridiculous!! i have seen all the brothers play sports and each of them are very athletic. but they are all good at different things. kevin is really good at doing back flips and all kind of flips, golf, track and field, softball, kickball, you name it. but it was totally unfair to give him a "D-" this article was not based on athletic ability but more a popularity contest. stop slamming Kev. he has more talent and skill in his pinky finger than a majority of the population. next time do your darn research and find a half descent pic or video of's really not hard to find it's actually a simple search, the internet is full of photos of him showing off his athletic ability. oh yeah and go to youtube and look up the video of Kevin doing a back flip while playing his guitar in concert and then tell me this guy doesn't have athletic ability.

  • ashleynessafan

    I would definitely want to play golf with them someday.

  • ms.perry

    Joe is F****** sexiii as H3!!

  • i used to love u nick
    i used to love u nick

    i hate u nick for being so stupid to go out with a stupid person like selena

  • njomza

    nick is cute and hes better in sports.NICK 4EVA

  • Noelle(:

    oh and whoever you are Nick is NOT a lamewad!!!!!!!

  • Noelle(:

    Kevin is definetly athletic, i mean have you ever seen him onstage? Not saying Joe and Nick aren't great onstage, because they are...believe me. They are all just soo amazingly talented. I LOVE THEM! GO JONAS BROTHERS

  • unseen4

    Well, nobody's perfect. Perhaps Kevin's talents lie elsewhere?... (; In all seriousness though, I saw JB in concert & he was definitely the most energetic, and the way he plays guitar... WOW. Love to all of the JBs

  • quinn lizzy jonas
    quinn lizzy jonas

    Why are people always being mean to Kevin, JB fans love him!

  • gise

    I agree with Liz and Emily. I really sick because everyone try to slam Kevin ! soo pleasee people,don't be mad,Kev it's really amazing and a awesome guy!! TEAMMM JOBROOSSS! (L)

  • Liz

    I agree with Emily. Is it really necessary to slam Kevin at every turn? He's AWESOME!!! He & Joe are my faves.

  • Emily

    There are plenty of pics out there of Kevin playing sports and even making homeruns. This is so much bias against Kevin and totally untrue

  • me

    But Nick is such a lamewaaaaaad. Joe 4EVA