Justin Bieber Wears Adorable Fuzzy-Wuzzy Hat, Makes Us Just Want To Eat Him Up (PHOTOS)

Could Justin Bieber get any more adorable? Actually, don’t answer that. Because the answer is always Y-E-S! He wore a ridiculously cute hat to meet fans at the Citadium Store yesterday in Paris, France. Baby Biebs in the city of love? Uh-oh, that’s definitely trouble!

And, of course, like all Bieber events, it was pure pandemonium. The “Baby” crooner tweeted,

there were thousands of kids at the instore and the police were not expecting it. they reorganized the crowd and we got it going but…after a little while the police stopped it and came in and said it was over and i had to leave. Sorry to any of the kids I didnt get to meet. I love all of you for your support. To start my trip in Paris like this already…the love and the energy is amazing….thank you so much

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