Jersey Shore Cast Practices Safe Sex On The View (VIDEO)

Don’t call the women of The View boring. Not only did they have the cast of the controversial Jersey Shore on the show today, they were also sporting some seriously fierce attire. While Whoopi Goldberg is rocking a “Mad Datter” hat, Sherri Shepard has Snooki hair, and Elisabeth Hasselbeck has an “Everybody <3’s the Situation” t-shirt!

It was Joy Behar who wasn’t feeling the crew, and she definitely dug in deep when asking just how Italian they are and if they use protection when they have sex.

“There’s a lot of sex on the show,” Behar said. “Do you use condoms?”

After a brief pause, the Situation said, “I’m Italian… and I do use protection as well.”

Snooki and Pauly D said they also use condoms. Behar followed up by asking if safe sex extends to the hot tub and Sherri Shepherd suggested it was unnecessary because “hot water kills all the sperm.”

“It’s really hot water,” the Situation agreed. “It takes care of business.”

See much more juice from the interview below.

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