PETA Wants Jessica Simpson to Be Horribly Lonely

PETA has a message for Jessica Simpson: Don’t pig out!

The animal-rights group issued a stern public warning to the actress yesterday, after Simpson hinted that she might replace her beloved Malti-poo Daisy, who succumbed to a coyote attack last year, with a pet of the porcine variety.

The whole thing started when Simpson took to her Twitter account on Monday and mused,

“I’m thinking about getting a pet pig. Does this mean I’ll have to give up pork?”

The former Newlyweds star’s choice of companions didn’t sit too well with PETA, which oinked to Us Magazine,

“Pigs, who are smarter than dogs and every bit as sensitive to pain and stress, don’t belong in Jessica’s stomach or carted around as her latest accessory.”

Is PETA suggesting that living with Jessica Simpson is somehow painful and stressful? No wonder she can’t hold onto a man…

What say you, readers? Should Jessica heed PETA’s advice? And if so, what kind of pet do you think she should get? Sound off in the comments section!