Robert Pattinson Allergic to Girly-Bits, But Apparently Not Dated Racial Terms

Uh-oh; looks like Robert Pattinson might have to go on his own apology tour soon. The New Moon hunk’s admission that he’s allergic to lady parts wasn’t the only awkward segment of his recent interview with Details magazine. At one point, R-Pattz let slip with a racial term that some might deem outdated and offensive:

Details: Rob, did you know that every time you say actor or acting you lower your voice to a whisper?

Pattinson: I do?

Details: Yes, so quietly it’s like you’re saying Negro.

(Pattinson laughs, lightens up.)

Pattinson: What if we were ‘acting’ like ‘Negroes’? Then we’d be f*cked–we couldn’t hear anything…

If Rob thinks that scenario is f*cked, just wait until the inevitable backlash and protests kick in. We’re talking mass burnings of Twilight DVDs in the streets, people. And he can just forget about an invitation to this year’s BET Awards.

On the plus side, we’re sure that R-Pattz will be receiving a lovely fruit basket from John Mayer soon, in gratitude for finally taking the heat off of him.