Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift Make a Really Cute Fake Couple in ‘Valentine’s Day’ Promo Outtakes (PHOTOS)

Hey, remember how Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift seemed to be kind of dating for half a minute back in 2009? And then it was all over, and we all curled up in the corner weeping into our pillows for days because it seemed like the greatest romance of our generation had died before it even had a chance to live?

Oh, wait; you mean that was just us? Well, anyway, rejoice, because now we can all relive the magic with these new promotional-still outtakes from Tay-Tay’s hit movie Valentine’s Day. Look how utterly couple-ish they look! Sure, you could chalk that up to acting, but come on—does anyone really believe that these two are capable of acting that believably?

At least we’ll always have these photos as a reminder of what might have been: The pretend engagement. The pretend marriage. Eventually, the pretend, beautiful babies…

*Sigh*; a moment of silence, please. Has anybody seen our crying pillow?