Dakota Fanning Celebrates Her 16th Birthday By Wearing Torn Stockings, No Big Deal (PHOTOS)

It's the day every girl dreams of: Her 16th birthday, when she can finally get her driver's license, and parading around in ripped-up stockings becomes only mildly disturbing.

Dakota Fanning, who turned the big 1-6 on Tuesday, celebrated the milestone by sashaying through the streets of Los Angeles in a furry tiara and, perhaps more intriguingly, a super-torn pair of stockings. Leftover wardrobe from her recent movie The Runaways, or a birthday gift from Miley Cyrus?

Check out the photo gallery and share your thoughts in the comments section: Is D-Fan's birthday suit appropriate?



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  • Chief

    she looks adorable -- stop expecting her to bend to your opinions -- Chief

  • Taylor

    So what if she dressed a little insane on her 16th birthday? You should see the way every other teenage girl dresses now a days; this is tame compared to most. At least her cleavage isn't hanging out and she's not acting like a stripper. I don't see a cigarette in her hand or a bottle of vodka in the other. She's possibly one of the most innocent being's we have in society today and just because she wore a pair of stockings with a few holes ripped in them to celebrate her birthday does not mean jack sh*t and we all know it's true. So stop being sh*t talkers and appreciate that we have at least one decent, well mannered teen in this god forsaken country.

  • William George Slowik
    William George Slowik

    southern Bella?

  • William George Slowik
    William George Slowik

    southern Bella.

  • William George Slowik
    William George Slowik

    the deodorant is mitchum gel...

  • william.george.slowik.jr.

    I love the smell of Cool Spring with Drakkor with Biofreeze for my back on my back..i forget the deodorant because I peeled off the label..but have another (it's gel) in a bag I packed full of supplies (just in case)...for some reason I bought blue Irish spring soap....but when I run out I'm probably switchin back to the green kind...umm I've 2 house mates..some issues there..but seems like they are smoothing out....oh and yea shes dressed like that because she didn't have time and probably needs a fast car.

  • william.

    Did Miley borrow her those stocking ? :)) it's probably because she needs a fast car.

  • dakota fan
    dakota fan

    doesnt matter what she looks like, shes my idol. you're amazing dakota!!

  • David López Muñiz
    David López Muñiz

    she looks amazing!:) so grime and glamour

  • LeilaRio

    You look great, Dakota...Happy birthday...I can't wait to see runaways...so proud of you...

  • brad

    never seen an uglier girl in my life

  • joe

    For the longest time I had a huge crush on her...but honestly, she's peaking now...which is kinda sad. She's really not that attractive

  • joe

    Wonder how much Coke is paying her?

  • desa

    you can call anything fashion, but you still look retarded

  • denisse

    you seriously dont know how to dress then.. that outfit is cute. is called fashion

  • Tracy

    Happy b'day DF. And contratulations for always holding that Coke can with the logo showing... you're a real pro!

  • fefeled

    i like her, she's a great actress, better than kristen...although kristen is a good actress, but i preferer dakota

  • flavourousgirl

    I never wore something like this .... Only accidentaly :D

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Little hussy needs a spanking for walking out of the house like that. And I'm just the man to give it to her.

  • rg

    i would leave a huge cum stain on here

  • Stacee

    HAHA wow everyone must really not have lives to rip on celebrities' clothes. They have more money then you will ever, SO that means they can wear whatever the hell they want.

  • real girl who gets the REAL world, cause thats where I live...
    real girl who gets the REAL world, cause thats where I live...

    who cares if ppl love or hate the outfit! im quite sure the sweats and tee you are wearing are less that beautiful... p.s. Que hora es?

  • noname

    Ok, If it was Miley no one would say "it's not that serious" or "i'll let this one pass"...

  • Imani

    theirs nothing wrong with her outfit... im 16 and i wear torn stockings all the time Yeah it's not that serious at all, she could have done that at 15 and I would have said the same thing.

  • sophie1986

    I'll let this one pass cause she's a good actress.

  • obsessed

    theirs nothing wrong with her outfit... im 16 and i wear torn stockings all the time

  • tatts09

    i like dakota..but the outfit is really bad...love the bag though...

  • kopns

    I think she borrowed them from Taylor Momsen. Honestly though, I wore my share of torn stockings when I was ages 16-18.

  • flavourousgirl

    I love Dakota, she is like my favourite actress but this outfit is horrible

  • flavourousgirl

    Did Miley borrow her those stocking ? :))