John Mayer Momentarily Forgets to Be a Jerkwad, Invites Kid on Stage to Jam With Him (VIDEO)

What do you know—it’s true! When John Mayer focuses on his music, he really is a better person! The puppy-eyed troubadour and master of race relations—who’s taken a lot of heat recently for some poorly chosen comments in his recent Playboy interview—took a big step toward improving his public image during his concert at Philadelphia’s Wachovia Center on Sunday, when he invited an 11-year-old fan named Austin to join him onstage and jam with him.

OK! Magazine reports that Mayer spotted Austin in the audience holding up a sign reading, “Can I please play ‘Belief’ with you?” and decided to grant the kid’s request. Turns out Austin has some chops—and he probably knows enough not to haphazardly throw the N-word around. Mayer should watch out, he could find himself usurped by a younger replacement who’ll work for cheap if he’s not careful.

After the impromptu jam, Mayer cheered on his stage-mate, crowing, “That’s my man!” and giving Austin the guitar he’d been playing as a memento of the occasion.

Check out Mayer’s uplifting moment of humanity and image-bolstering in the video below: