Taylor Lautner Wears Leather To Feed His Abs Some Steak (PHOTOS)

Ladies, it's fine to drool now! Taylor Lautner, who recently turned the big 1-8 earlier this month, was spotted looking super hunky in a black leather jacket while dining out at BOA Steakhouse in Hollywood last night (sorry, PETA!). And it definitely looks like he's keeping up with his Twilight fitness....boy is looking chiseled and deserves some delicious beef, are we right?!

Enough of the chitchat, lets get down to business— dive into our new T-Laut gallery right here! 



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  • talareah

    taylor ,you are the most kindest boy i have ever saw. I hope soon i will get to see you. you are also the most funnest , most HHOTTEST pop star ever i know a lot of girls tell you this but you mean alot to me. I would love for us to be best friends i also heard you like to have lots of fun.so if you ever want to have fun just call {478} 318 1551 and ask for talareah howard or te te.

  • lily sary
    lily sary

    you are so cute, can't anyone see that?

  • akslutz

    You are so beautiful to me, can you see? Lindo sim senhor.

  • leslie

    u r so hot! i love u

  • gabby

    poles....taylor.....yes, i see where this is going

  • thainara santos
    thainara santos

    uUuuUaAaAuUu NOSSA muito gato mano nunca vi igual

  • Jayde Austin
    Jayde Austin

    Erm.... Ooooofffttt! Taylor Lautner! I Wouldnt Say No Lmao !!!! Hes A Really Great Guy 2! He Has Helped Me Sooo Much!! xx

  • obsessed

    his casual clothes.. meh nothing biggy