BUZZINGS: Adam Lambert and Sarah Palin Won’t Be Clawing Each Other’s Eyes Out on ‘The Tonight Show.’ Darn.

  • Yes, Adam Lambert and Sarah Palin will both appear on Jay Leno’s first episode back on The Tonight Show. No, they won’t be appearing together. Dang; and there go our hopes for a nice, civil conversation. (PopEater)
  • George Clooney has bought his girlfriend an island. But we’re sure the box of chocolates you got for Valentine’s Day was nice too. (What Would Tyler Durden Do)
  • Tiger Woods is PETA’s latest poster boy. Amazingly, he’s not naked in the ad. How’d that happen? (Bossip)
  • Anthony Hopkins calls out Paris Hilton. There’s only one way to settle this: Bikini Jello wrestling. (Starpulse)
  • Courtney Love says she has a powerful vagina. We’re going to assume she’s grading that based on aroma. (Huffington Post)