Courtney Love Caps Off the NME Awards With a Nice, Subdued Evening. LOL, Not Really.

You know, we’re still totally perplexed as to why Courtney Love’s daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, has chosen to keep her distance from her mother.

The once-and-current Hole ma’am mesmerized the audience at Wednesday night’s NME Shockwaves Awards show by performing with her band, but Love’s enthralling behaviour didn’t stop when she stepped—or, most likely, was helped off—the stage.

Check out out these pics of La Love at the awards show’s after-party at London club Home House, and marvel at her dazzling ensemble. Part Lady GaGa, part Mr. Peanut, part Canadian fur trapper, and all amazing.

Dive into our photo gallery, and prepare yourself to gaze upon greatness.