Hey, There's a New Deleted 'New Moon' Scene Out, if Anyone's Interested (VIDEO)

Hey, There's a New Deleted 'New Moon' Scene Out, if Anyone's Interested (VIDEO)-photo

So, you may or may not be aware, but there was this little-noticed movie, New Moon, that came out last year, and it apparently developed something of a fan base.

Anyway, a deleted scene from this New Moon movie—we think it was a spy thriller or something—made its way onto the Internet today, and we're just gonna put it here in case there's some mild curiosity.

If you're familiar with this movie, feel free to offer your thoughts in the comments section about whether this scene would have improved the overall film.



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  • kyle

    i am a fanatic of your movie especially the book wrote by stephenie meyeri love it!!!!!

  • C@r0LiN3

    that was seriously lame. i thought it would be more exciting... it would definitely not add anything to New Moon

  • sydsouth

    * Bob was awful....!!*

  • laura

    long story short: the movies ruined the books.

  • xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    iv u dont lik ethe film dont watch the clip and doont comment!!!!

  • pyscho mike
    pyscho mike

    twilight is just plain gay so in dont matter what they add or delete

  • purple roses
    purple roses

    it was absolutly sh***t..... nothing special happened so good job it was deleted

  • Cami

    I think they should have kept this scene, because in the movie, she just randomly had the bikes and it was odd.

  • Jennifer

    Why didnt they just stick to the books explanation of where she got the bikes and make a scene of that?? I

  • lully

    it's a good thing to add something new in movies but not delete the scenes from books. i don't know why they delete so many scenes in movies..

  • Liisi

    I think it sucks that the movies dont have almost nothing like the books

  • obsessed

    good they took it out, didnt really make sense..

  • Aimee

    i think it made it worse only because bella didnt get the motorcycles right next door. so it would probably just make twi-hards criticize it cause it had it wrong. but don't get me wrong I love the movies and the books. but that's just my opinion

  • Malorie

    I would have like a little more what was in the book, to short of a film done, I hope the added more on Eclipse... I am a big fan to the Twilight Saga,...

  • Kpattz fan ♥
    Kpattz fan ♥

    umm it wasn't anything special so no I don't think it would have improved or worsen the film.