Let 13-Year-Old Ke$ha Bathe Your Ears With Warmth and Light (VIDEO)

Let 13-Year-Old Ke$ha Bathe Your Ears With Warmth and Light (VIDEO)-photo

Clearly, some superstars are made, not born.

Behold, 13-year-old Kesha Sebert, who would grow up—in a manner of speaking—to enchant the world with "Tik Tok," belting out Radiohead's "Karma Police" at her middle-school talent show.

Gotta give her props for courage, if nothing else. But clearly, some kind of deal with the devil was struck in the intervening nine years.



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  • Mare

    She was much better as a 13 year old girl who was awkward and shy than she is now. Now all she is is a dumbass who tries too hard and is very fake. Her talent went down the drain.

  • dfadf

    I love Kesha's song Kiss and Tell... and Your Love is My Drug... and Tik Tok!

  • mata

    is that k stew at the beginning of the vid?? girl sure walks like that

  • rachele

    I was actually there for this. I attended the same school and i have to say, she was pretty great. I just feel bad that none of us knew it. She was far ahead of her time, and in middle school this is death. While he were all into spice girls and N*sync, she was into the cool stuff.

  • R-bean

    Not bad for a thirteen year old!

  • dkdid

    Actually, she sounds pretty good!

  • kelly0eminemfan

    the only possible way i could ever be more stunned then i am right now is if we found out that kevin jonas's wife didnt have a penis.. luckily we dont have to worry about that