Potential Adoptee Families for Tiger's Family Friendly Image (PHOTOS)

Tiger Woods beseeched his wife, Elin, for a new family photo the night before the start of the TIGER APOLOGY TOUR 2010, but Elin refused.  Tiger may want to rehabilitate his image in the public, but Elin's not playing the dutiful role as forgiving wife.  Not just yet.

Still, let's face it, America won't forgive Tiger until he shows once again that he's a family man.  But, if not his family, then whose? We've identified five potential broods for Tiger to align himself with to prove to America that he is, once again, just a great old family man.

Peek inside our gallery and see if you agree with our choices.



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  • wctw

    The tabloid/media has nothing to do.... Tiger had made a public apology... Pls leave Tiger, Elin and their kids alone... Besides, upon hindsight many e-news on Tiger's story were fabricated. Tiger had said the matters were between husband and wife, so how on earth will you folks know such stuff ? I also came to realisation that unless things were offically released by Tiger or Elin, most are "made-up" by tabloid to keep the juice running...I believe it is also Tiger's PR who suggested Elin not present in Feb 19 conference as well as Tiger didn't want his wife to be humiliated further by people watching her reaction ...so the PR won't be asking for a family portrait, at least not at this early stage of Tiger's comeback