Angelina Jolie Is Still Hot, In Today's Slow News Day News (PHOTOS)

Y'all, it's Friday. We're pretty bored with the Olympics and nothing else is really happening. What say we drop in on the set of The Tourist, to see if Angelina Jolie still appears to be supremely attractive. Yep, it appears so.

Take a gander through our gallery of Ange on set to decide for yourselves.



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  • Ginger

    Angelina is more than hot. She is fascinating in the way she lives her life mother pilot actress dignified adventurous

  • missbrightside

    jolie= hot...thats obvi

  • Oh Yeah
    Oh Yeah

    Yes Angelina is sizzling hot even thought she's twice given birth. No wonder she's in the list of the hottest celeb in HW while the other one who bared all her bods in barely there bikini in MEHICO and was touted as the hottest bod in HW by her fans was not on the list HOHOHOHO!!!

  • karensue

    She's starting to look a little old around edges....