Borders Totally Hates Lady GaGa

Borders Totally Hates Lady GaGa-photo

So, you guys, the new issue of UK's Q magazine, which features Lady GaGa on the cover, is currently banned at Borders and other bookstores nationwide. But why? Could it be the dildo strapped to the 23-year-old's pants? Half of her boobs being exposed? Or her crotch grabbing?

We may never really know, but sources say that the bookstores are refusing to stock the shelves with GaGa's cover unless the magazine is covered up with a protective bag. The ironic part of the story, however, is what she reveals in the magazine:

"My image was an issue at my record label. I fought for months and cried at meetings. I got criticized for being arrogant because if you're sure of yourself as a woman they say you're a bit*h whereas if you're a man and you're strong-willed, it's normal."

We really don't think the cover is that bad. Do you? Share your thoughts in the comment section!



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  • diamontina

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  • just me
    just me

    I dont like her either.... Only idiots go around bad-mouthing church-goers

  • sarah

    i like lady gaga :)

  • Brody lover
    Brody lover

    Everyone that has bad rude comments about Lady gaga are jealous MOFO's than need to get a life. Quit being so judgmental you losers.

  • noch

    even though I really don't like her or her music, that was really smart thing to say.

  • Lola

    HAHAHAHA "devil worshiping tranny" Oh, the people... Let's then go to the Church on Sundays, and listen to Priests who in their spare time rape children... Yup, I better stay with the GaGa.

  • syla

    devil worshiper first then a tranny, that's the order...I could care less if she likes chicks, with d#*k's!! all these artist think this fake Illuminati BS will help them stay relevant... be careful what you wish for.

  • Sam

    syla, i hope you realize that transexuals are not 'devil worshiping' as you put it in your comment, and I, as well as many other sane people (which does not include you), highly disagree with you. As Leigh said, ther's been worse. As I say, 'You've got problems'.

  • syla

    I guess the "new cool" is to be a devil worshiping tranny... go away gaga!!!

  • Bryan

    of course it's a dildo, she used it cuz she's tired of being told she's a hermaphrodite so she used sarcasm on this issue =D

  • denne

    there's no dildo in her pants!!! it's just her index finger... there has definitely been worse on display

  • Leigh

    SO WHAT?! She's got balls, guys. They put up half naked guys - Rob Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, and much more scantily dressed women, but it bothers them when someone's got the nerve to be proud of their style? No sir, no ma'am. They can get over it.

  • Malthusrules

    I just see a sweet Catholic girl serving God and entertaining humankind all over the world. But we all project what we want to see into pictures.. You folks who are upset about this photo... naughty naughty!! Shouldn't be lingering on these sites eh?