Borders Totally Hates Lady GaGa

So, you guys, the new issue of UK’s Q magazine, which features Lady GaGa on the cover, is currently banned at Borders and other bookstores nationwide. But why? Could it be the dildo strapped to the 23-year-old’s pants? Half of her boobs being exposed? Or her crotch grabbing?

We may never really know, but sources say that the bookstores are refusing to stock the shelves with GaGa’s cover unless the magazine is covered up with a protective bag. The ironic part of the story, however, is what she reveals in the magazine:

“My image was an issue at my record label. I fought for months and cried at meetings. I got criticized for being arrogant because if you’re sure of yourself as a woman they say you’re a bit*h whereas if you’re a man and you’re strong-willed, it’s normal.”

We really don’t think the cover is that bad. Do you? Share your thoughts in the comment section!