Scandal! Were Taylor Lautner’s Abs Photoshopped!?! (PHOTOS)

(UPDATE: Okay, false alarm. You eagle-eyed Twihards have pointed out that the poster in question was actually a fan-make fakery. Let’s all just take some deep breaths and stare at Taylor’s abs until we feel better.)

Somebody just ripped open the biggest story of 2010: Abgate!

You know that totally hot poster of Taylor Lautner from New Moon you’ve been staring at on your wall for the past year? It’s totally fake, y’all. It looks as though Tay-Tay’s hard-as-rock ab’s were actually stolen from another equally as hot male model. GASP!! How could they?

Well, it’s not like Taylor was faking his abs while being shirtless practically the entire length of the movie. But still, why’d they do this? What was the point of him putting on 30 pounds of straight-up muscle for his body to be replaced? Sound off below in our poll!