Hanging with Baby Biebs Can Be Deadly

You’d think that Justin Bieber, who is used to meeting pure pandemonium everywhere he goes, would want to have a lower-key 16th Birthday Party. You know, maybe some dancing and some spin the bottle. But no, that’s where we’re oh-so-wrong.

TMZ has gotten a hold of the invite for Baby Biebs festivities, which start today in LA, and items on the list include paintball, basketball, sumo wrestling, laser tag, and something involving a “workout gym.”

But the best part? His buddies can’t go unless their mom and dad sign a waiver that states, “I fully understand my/minor’s participation may involve risk or serious injury or death.” It also states, “I certify that my/minor is in good health and have no physical condition that would prevent participation in the activity.”

Last but not least, boozing and smoking are a big no-no and will result in ejection.

Daaaang. We want to know in the comment section: what would you do for an invite to Bieber’s party??