Hanging with Baby Biebs Can Be Deadly

Hanging with Baby Biebs Can Be Deadly-photo

You'd think that Justin Bieber, who is used to meeting pure pandemonium everywhere he goes, would want to have a lower-key 16th Birthday Party. You know, maybe some dancing and some spin the bottle. But no, that's where we're oh-so-wrong.

TMZ has gotten a hold of the invite for Baby Biebs festivities, which start today in LA, and items on the list include paintball, basketball, sumo wrestling, laser tag, and something involving a "workout gym."

But the best part? His buddies can't go unless their mom and dad sign a waiver that states, "I fully understand my/minor's participation may involve risk or serious injury or death." It also states, "I certify that my/minor is in good health and have no physical condition that would prevent participation in the activity."

Last but not least, boozing and smoking are a big no-no and will result in ejection.

Daaaang. We want to know in the comment section: what would you do for an invite to Bieber's party??



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  • Kaya

    I think justin is a normal teenage who like to play parnks and hang with girls and stuff like that so stop makin up stuff that anit real plz plzpzlzpzlpzlzpzlpzlpzlzplzpzpzlpzplzpzlzppzlzplzplzzpzlzpzpzlpzl

  • Christy

    I would only go if I were actually invited. I would not do anything crazy just to see him. He is cool if you ask me but no I would not do stupid crazy things just to get in his party. Anyways Happy 16th birthday dude.

  • Janice

    [quote=haye justin bieber]justin bieber is just a baby who CANNOT sing and speak.it's an example for all those sh*t people who become stars without a f*cking reason. Obiviouly the kid has talent because he has thousands of fans and Usher, one of the greastest singers of all time is supporting the kid.

  • Alana

    Justin did not have this huge party. He spent his birthday with friends and family. I would know, it said it on his twitter.

  • bieberfever247

    ANYTHING! i would walk around all day at the mall with "I want to go to Justin Bieber's party" written on my face. really.

  • I luv bieber
    I luv bieber

    I would sell a kidney--I like my kidneys but Justin is worth it

  • Agnes Alana
    Agnes Alana

    Feliz Aniversàrio Justin Biebs !Felicidades !*

  • Agnes Alana
    Agnes Alana

    Justin B. canta com paixao eu sei por que eu mesma vi os seus videos antes mesmo dele reegravar , foi por acazo mais eu vi e nunca esquecerei ! Fico muito feliz por isso, mais tàmbèm penso igual á vocês, Minha paixão por ele e muito grande e eu nao posso explicar isso a ele, falar com ele, porque eu sou uma menina qualquer sou uma das suas milhares de fãs ! Ele è uma pessoa igual á todos nòs mais, tem diferenças q nos separam . Mesmo assim eu nao desisto dos meus sentimentos por ele .Jà me sinto feliz apenas vendo seus sorrisos todos os dias me sinto bem por isso.

  • justins baby
    justins baby

    justin beiber is so hot. i wish i could meet him but i cant because i live all the way in Elyria ohio. i wish he would have one of his conserts out here.

  • Destiny Starr
    Destiny Starr

    He's adorable and happy b-day Justin! I wish I could go...

  • haye justin bieber is dumb
    haye justin bieber is dumb

    [quote=haye justin bieber]justin bieber is just a baby who CANNOT sing and speak.it's an example for all those sh*t people who become stars without a f*cking reason. wow...if you think that low of him then why the hell are you commenting on him? Or even reading about him???

  • Erica

    I would so anything but like Kayla lunn said probably wont happen cause im just a normal girl

  • Ash

    lol u guys believe this stuff lol its a lie

  • kayla lunn
    kayla lunn

    Justin I feel bad for you. You don't get any peace all of these girls ran to you just because you are famous that dosen't mean anything they sould ran to you because they like you for you not for your money and caus eyou are famous I would do anything to meet you to get to know you. I bet you are a nice guy. I feel soo sorry for you.

  • Kayla lunn
    Kayla lunn

    I would do anything that he would like me to do. I wouldn't use him like all of the other girls would. I would be so happy if i did get a invite. But I know I wont I'm just a normally girl. So Happy Birthday Justin and if you read this thank.

  • haye justin bieber
    haye justin bieber

    justin bieber is just a baby who CANNOT sing and speak.it's an example for all those sh*t people who become stars without a f*cking reason.

  • aisha

    happy birthday justin ...your party seems epic so can i have an invite lol....

  • MEE

    id DO anything to be at his PARTY

  • Angelaaaa

    i wud do anything run in a bikini in Canada in the snow Anything

  • Katho

    i will do ANYTHING. i mean ANYTHING!!!!!

  • Katho


  • Trey


  • lovinfan

    do anything he wanted me to

  • BabyBiebs

    anything!!! LITERALLY !!! xx