Even A Collapsed Roof Won’t Stop Snooki From Partying!

Last night, Jersey Shore stars Snooki and Vinny hosted a party at Solo restaurant in Manhattan to celebrate Purim, a Jewish costume celebration, along with “Sex and the City” actor Chris Noth. However, things didn’t go as planned for the celebs and the 300 party guests!

Around 11:30, shards of glass began raining on top of partiers heads from the atrium in the Madison Avenue building, which was immediately evacuated. It’s not confirmed why the ceiling collapsed, but our guess is that the levels of fist pumping going on was just wayyyy too hot to handle.

And don’t worry—Snooki and Vinny are just fine, and there were only minor injuries among the clubgoers. Snookers tweeted after the fiasco,

Omg roof just collapsed at the purim event! We thought the dj was beatin the beat hardcore but nope,the roof couldn’t handle snooki and vin”

The roof may have fallen and no1got hurt, but the party still goes on! With @jealous1senv @vinnyguadagnino @talentresources, missing @akrpr

I’m glad everyone’s ok. Thank you to the owners of Solo Restaurant for taking care of everybody and letting us keep the Purim Party poppin!

We’re glad they’re okay!